Grateful for EXS

"Upon entering Dental School at Creighton, I did not realize how much of a head start my Exercise Science & Pre-Health Professions degree would give me. From the obvious classes, like Human Anatomy and Physiology, to some of the less obvious, such as Nutrition and even some of the skills learned in Lab Methods and Procedures, my education was a clear advantage in my transition to Graduate School. However, since I was unable to foresee these advantages in my future, these were not the reasons why I chose this major.

Along with the unbelievable staff and set of peers around me, it was the classes that really caught my interest. The focus of all the different classes created a balanced set of learning material for students looking into any type of health and wellness profession.

With today’s focus on collaborative care, Exercise Science & Pre-Health Professions has helped to mold students into becoming critical thinkers in the Health Professions that understand all aspects of what it takes to be healthy. For this and so much more, I am grateful for everything the major offered me."

Scott Granger, Class of 2015
Creighton University Dental School
Class of 2019